Visions & Values

Our school vision: “Supporting you to become the best version of yourself”

Our school vision has been carefully chosen through consultation with pupils, parent/carers, staff and partners.

At Earlston High School, pupils are expected to be committed to these five values:

Honesty, Excellence, Commitment, Responsibility, Respect

  • Honesty – pupils are driven to be honest with both their peers and to the members of staff.
  • Excellence - pupils thrive to reach their goals in education and extracurricular activities and to give their best at all times.
  • Commitment – students have to be committed to all of their school work whether it being homework, study or school work in general.   
  • Responsibility- students are expected to take responsibility in their line of work and take responsibility for homework and studying.
  • Respect- pupils are to respect fellow students and members of staff as well as respecting the school and its property itself.
  • If students are able to follow these simple but very important values they will be supported all the way through their education at Earlston High School.
  • We aim high at Earlston high school and we try making the journey as important as possible but at the same time a fun adventure.

School Values 2019