Severe Weather

Severe Weather Arrangements

A new protocol has been announced by Scottish Borders Council to be put in place for situations when adverse weather impacts on schools,replacing the Resilient Schools Policy. The new protocol has been established after it became clear following recent severe weather events that Resilient Schools was no longer sustainable as significantly fewer teachers lived within walking distance of schools than in 2010, when the policy was developed.

 How will I know if Earlston High School is closed?

The Groupcall messaging service (texts/email) will continue to be used to notify parents about closures. Information will also available through the SBC website, social media channels and Radio Borders. Parents and carers are reminded to make sure the school office has your young person’s up to date contact details.

If school transport isn’t operating does that mean Earlston High School is closed?

There may be occasions when school transport does not run but this does not automatically mean the school is closed. In these instances it is up to parents and carers to decide if they consider it is safe to transport their child to school. If parents and carers choose to transport children to school then they will also need to collect them at the end of the school day.

What are the expectations for young people walking to school?

Pupil safety is our main priority. It is ultimately a parent and carer's decision whether it is safe for your young person to walk to school. We also ask parents to ensure that their child wears clothing and footwear appropriate to the conditions, especially those waiting for school transport that may be delayed due to road conditions.

How can I help?

In the event of severe weather, our school office is extremely busy. Please help us by only calling in the event of an emergency – the Groupcall messaging service will continue to be used to notify parents about closures and will be our primary way of communicating with you during severe weather.