Financial Advice and Support for Families

Earlston’s Mission to achieve Equity

We have been working hard to ensure that every pupil is able to experience a varied and rich journey during their time at Earlston High School. We hope to remove all barriers that may stop pupils from participating fully. Through much discussion and consultation with pupils, parents and staff we are taking measures to allow our school to become more accessible for all. As a school we have made the following initial pledges:

  • To raise staff awareness of the hardships some of our young people encounter.
  • To offer subject specific materials in classrooms for pupils to access should they need them.
  • To offer financial help for all curricular and extra-curricular experiences offered.
  • To create a form option on the school website to make financial support easier to access.

In the links below you will find information on the financial advice and support that may be available to you.


Free School Meals/ Clothing Grant

Free school meals and clothing grant | Scottish BordersCouncil

Application form to apply for free school meals and/or clothing and footwear grant. Free school meals and clothing grant application (PDF - 40.52 KB)

If you would like support to complete any forms or further advice, please contact the office or you child’s Guidance Teacher on 01896 849282