Modern Languages

Modern Languages

The faculty of Modern Languages currently offers courses at various levels in French, German and Spanish

In Modern Languages the aim is to develop communicative competence in the four skill areas of reading, listening, talking and writing within a range of contexts. We strive to provide all our learners with a worthwhile and enjoyable experience and equip them with a better understanding of the countries where the languages are spoken, as well as teach them about the people, customs and way of life. 

The need to communicate in a foreign language is growing in importance and the ability to speak another language is regarded as a very useful skill in an increasing number of jobs.

Opportunities for study and employment are not confined to a learner’s home country. There are short-term as well as longer-term opportunities for study, training, work experience or employment abroad. The study of a foreign language helps to prepare young people for this experience. 

Learning a language also has benefits on a personal level. Learners develop skills which are useful in other areas e.g. communication and presentation skills. They learn to co-operate with their peers and are trained to be responsible for their own learning. They become more confident and better communicators, learning the importance not just of verbal communication but of facial expression, body language and social skills. They also develop the skills and awareness to enable them to learn other languages in the future.

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