Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies

Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies

RME/RMPS [Religious & Moral Education/Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies]

At Earlston, the RME department encourages the process where children and young people engage in a search for meaning, value and purpose in life. This involves both the exploration of beliefs and values and the study of how such beliefs and values are expressed.

In today’s world where conflicts of belief are rife, discrimination and prejudice dominate the press and social media we explore different belief systems and diverse human experience to promote understanding and tolerance.

We allow students to develop a sense of their own moral understanding of the world through looking at different moral issues and encourage them to be able to appreciate a variety of diverse views.

We encourage pupils to explore questions concerning the ‘Big Questions of Life’ to allow them to engage philosophically with the wider world.

Beyond school a number of employers, colleges and universities recognise the value of RME/RMPS to the world we live in and the skills developed in our course. The skills of research, analysis and evaluation are crucial to understanding the world today.

EHS RME RMPS Programme of Study 2020-21

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