Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies

Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies

Religious and moral education is a process where children and young people engage in a search for meaning, value and purpose in life. This involves both the exploration of beliefs and values and the study of how such beliefs and values are expressed.


Building the Curriculum 1

The teaching of RME is concerned with the development of understanding of religion as a significant area of human experience. It also encourages pupils to explore questions concerning the meaning of life – the Big Questions of Life. The moral element is the process whereby pupils develop responsible attitudes towards others, and the necessary skills of moral judgement about what is considered right and wrong.

A variety of approaches ensures that every pupil is given the opportunity to contribute to the learning situation.

All contributions are seen as valuable and worthwhile. Stress is put on the importance of listening to others as well as expressing their own ideas in discussion in order to promote respect and toleration for views that individual pupils do not share. 

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