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Earlston High School, Scottish Borders

We are committed at Earlston High School to ensure that every young person reaches their potential and is supported to become the best possible version of themselves. We are on a journey of continuous improvement in order to provide the best possible standard of education. We are a non-denominational, six year, secondary school situated in the town of Earlston. Pupils come to the school from eight primary schools: Channelkirk, Earlston, Gordon, Lauder, Melrose, Newtown, St Boswells and Westruther. In addition, we have a large number of placing requests from outside our catchment area. Our current roll for 2019/2020 is 1065.

Our new school was opened officially on October the 8th 2010. We are privileged to work and learn together within this outstanding campus. The school has state of the art accommodation comprising of:

  • 61 Classrooms
  • Assembly Hall
  • Pupil Support Centre
  • 3 Gym Halls and Fitness Suite
  • Extensive Conference and meeting facilities
  • Library

We are always looking to enhance our provision in order to meet the requirements of our changing curriculum.  Our school estate is managed by Amey Facilities Management company, who maintain it to a very high standard.

Earlston High School has an outstanding team of dedicated staff. The school has an equivalent of 71 full time teachers. The Senior Leadership Team comprises of the Headteacher, four Depute Headteachers and a school Business Manager. Our extended leadership team is comprised of eight Principal Teachers of Curriculum, seven Principal Teachers Pupil Support, one Principal Teacher of Leadership and the Principal Teacher Digital Literacy and Innovation. The school is ably supported by our PSAs (Pupil Support Assistants), librarians, administrative staff, technicians, facilities, catering and cleaning staff. We are also supported by partners from health, social work, community learning and development, Police Scotland and many other outside agencies.

Earlston High school is fortunate to have an excellent reputation within our local community, Scottish Borders and nationally. This is achieved by genuine partnership working with our school community. Our supportive parents are represented by the Parent Council. The Parent Council is instrumental in shaping policy and contributing to school improvement and has been pivotal in raising significant funds to support the pupils of our school. They have purchased a school mini bus, ICT equipment and supported many extra-curricular activities. We have an outstanding extra-curricular programme including various sports, first class theatre productions, national and international excursions, social events and a multitude of activities that helps to provide our young people with a rich and varied learning experience.

The school is used in many different ways by our community with which we have forged strong links. Throughout the year the Friends of Earlston High School utilise this community space in a variety of ways. Examples include our library hosting “Book Bugs” for babies and toddlers. We also welcome to our school senior citizens for an afternoon tea party with entertainment. Many locals attend the Spring and Christmas concerts as well as the excellent production of the Summer show. The school is open for private evening lets on a daily basis and throughout the holiday period.

The school has an extensive number of extra-curricular groups and clubs that the pupils can join including, hockey, badminton, rugby, choral group, junior and senior choir, guitar group, woodwind group, dance, diversity club and an environmental group. We are very lucky to have staff willing to commit to these activities and take time out of their days to hold them. We are very fortunate and glad that we have so many people who contribute to Earlston High School, whether it is giving up time for our sport groups or Duke of Edinburgh, we are grateful for the on going support.

Earlston High School completed a Validated Self Evaluation exercise which deemed our Learning, Teaching and Assessment to be good. We are on a journey of self-improvement in order to achieve excellence.


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