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Earlston High School, Scottish Borders

Earlston High School is a non-denominational, six year, secondary school situated in the town of Earlston in the Scottish Borders. Pupils come to the school from eight primary schools in the surrounding area; Channelkirk, Earlston, Gordon, Lauder, Melrose, Newtown, St Boswells and Westruther. In addition, we have a large number of placing requests from outside our catchment area. Our roll for 2015/2016 was 1046. Within that number, the school caters for a significant number of pupils who have additional or exceptional needs – the school is firmly committed to a policy of inclusion.

In July 2009, after years of planning, we moved to a new building. The light, bright and modern facilities provide a fantastic environment for both students and staff.

The school estate is managed by Amey Facilities Management Company, who maintains it to a very high standard. The school is used extensively out of school hours by groups from the local community.

The staff here are hard-working and committed, with a low turnover in any one year- most gain promotion or retire. Most pupils enjoy school and our parents are very supportive of the school and its management. The pace of development is strong and there is a clear sense of direction. The school has a teaching staff allocation of the equivalent of 72 full time teachers. The Senior Management team consists of 5 Depute Head Teachers. There are 12 Curricular Heads, 5 Pastoral Heads and 1 Pupil Support Heads. We also have 6 support teachers and 11 Additional Needs Auxiliaries. The school has over 20 non-teaching staff including a librarian, a business support manager, administrative and clerical staff, technicians, janitors, and school assistants; plus catering and cleaning staff. There is also a part-time school nurse, careers advisor and a Wilton link worker. There are opportunities for all staff to contribute to developments within faculties, to whole-school developments and to extra-curricular activities.

The school has a good reputation in the local community, and enjoys the on-going support, and adds genuine value to the school. Many parents enjoy supporting the school and have joined the Parent Council Core Group and a Sub Group. The Core Group support the running of the school, while the Sub Group raises the funds that help support pupils. They have raised enough funds to provide the school with a minibus, ICT equipment, plasma screen TV’s for informing people on the latest school news and events as well as supporting the DofE scheme.

The school has an extensive number of extra-curricular groups and clubs that the pupils can join including, hockey, football, badminton, rugby, choral group, junior and senior choir, guitar group, woodwind group, dance, debating group, and an environmental group. We are very lucky to have staff willing to commit to these activities and take time out of their days to hold them. We are very fortunate and glad that we have so many people who contribute to Earlston High School, whether it is giving up time for our sport groups or DofE, we are grateful for the on going support.


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