Pastoral Support

Pastoral Support

The present guidance structure allows pupils to keep the same Guidance Teacher from S1 to S6 and brothers and sisters have the same Guidance Teacher.

Parents should contact us if there are any problems or questions. The confidentiality of any communication will be honoured. Pupils are interviewed as often as is practicable and as soon as possible in ‘crisis situations’. We also closely monitor pupils’ academic progress and keep a close watch on attendance. 

Social Education (Personal and Social Development)

The Guidance Team has devised the PSD teaching programme that takes place at Social Education Periods for all years. Guidance Teachers deliver much of it.

An important part of this is Careers Education:

  • Knowledge about available jobs and their entry qualifications.
  • How to make applications and cope with interviews.

Another important part is recognising achievement. It is important to develop the whole child and credit should be given for the extra curricular activities which young people are involved in, either in school or outwith.

University/College Applications/References

When students are ready to apply for a place at University or College, they see their Guidance Teacher to get advice on completing their application. When the form has been completed the student meets with their Guidance Teacher to discuss the completion of the reference. Teachers are consulted on current courses and the student's reports over recent years are checked. (All students intending to leave school receive an "applications pack" giving information on the help available.)

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