Guidance is a very high priority and each pupil is supported by a Principal Teacher (PT) Pastoral for their House. Pupils often refer to them as their Guidance teachers. Every effort is made to place pupils from the same family in the same house and with the same Principal Teacher throughout their time in school. This enables the teacher and the family to get to know one another and helps to establish a strong link between home and school.

The PT Pastoral is the first point of contact for parents and carers if there are any problems or questions. Pupils can contact their teacher directly or via the school office. Pupils will see their Guidance teacher once a week in their Learner Journey period as well as for one to one interviews during the school year.

Miss Allison: Turfford House              Mrs Sutherland: Teviot House

Miss Fleming: Tweed House              Mr McKenzie: Leader House

Mrs McGinlay: Eden House               Mrs Cunningham: Tufford House

Principal Teachers Pastoral have a supportive, caring and counselling role and assist pupils in a range of ways:
  • supporting the transition from primary school
  • supporting wellbeing and caring for those facing difficulties
  • monitoring academic progress and attainment
  • monitoring and encouraging wider achievement
  • monitoring and supporting attendance and time-keeping
  • liaising with partner agencies: School Health, Quarriers, Social Work, Skills Development Scotland, CAMHS
  • liaising with support agencies such as CHIMES, Stable Life, Rape Crisis, Relationship Scotland
  • offering advice on course and subject choices
  • assisting with applications and providing references

Personal Support and Development: Learner Journey

A pupil’s personal development is very important to us and at its core has the school values of Respect, Honesty, Responsibility, Commitment and Excellence.

To support the personal development of all students we have a three part programme within the Broad General Education (S1–S3): Learner Journey, Health and Wellbeing and Leadership. In the Senior Phase (S4-S6) all pupils have one period of Learner Journey each week, which is delivered by their Guidance Teacher.

Learner Journey develops pupils’ career management skills and an understanding of the various career pathways and options post school. It supports students to consider their skills and how they can attain and achieve their very best. Learner Journey also gives students the opportunity to explore, in a supportive environment with their Guidance teacher, topics such as Sexual Health and Relationships and Mental Health.

Developing the Young Workforce

Principal Teachers Pastoral support pupils with their choice of course and career decisions. The school is fortunate to have excellent links with Skills Development Scotland and the support of a career adviser. At key stages in the year there are lunchtime ‘drop-in’ sessions for any pupil wanting careers information. At other times, pupils can make a careers appointment by speaking to Mrs Hutchison or their Guidance teacher. The Careers Adviser attends Parents’ Evenings for S2, S4, S5 and S6 and is available for consultation.

Amy Hamilton, Principal Teacher Developing Young Workforce, liaises with the school’s business partners to provide opportunities for pupils to develop their work-related and career planning skills.

The DYW aims are:
  • To increase the awareness of the diverse range of sectors and careers that are available locally and beyond
  • To allow young people to appreciate the importance of skills and qualities, how these relate to the world of work and to understand that there are various routes into work and all are equally valid and worthy if they lead you into a job that makes you happy!
  • To share accurate labour market information, particularly highlighting growth sectors and future opportunities
  • Promoting opportunities for personal development that will help with future applications
  • To develop career management skills in each of our youngsters
  • Promote gender equality in the workplace
  • To inspire and motivate each individual student for the future
This is achieved in close partnership working with DYW Borders, Skills Development Scotland and a large range of local and national businesses.

University/College Applications/References

When students are ready to apply for a place at University or College, they see their Guidance Teacher to get advice on completing their application. When the form has been completed the student meets with their Guidance Teacher to discuss the completion of the reference. Teachers are consulted on current courses and the student's reports over recent years are checked. (All students intending to leave school receive an "applications pack" giving information on the help available.)

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