Mrs G McGinlay

Principal Teacher Pastoral, Teacher of Geography

  • Self-Evaluation - Leadership
  • Leadership Coordinator (BGE/SP)
  • Tracking and Monitoring (Leadership)
  • S1-S5 Ambassadors’ Programme
  • S6 Prefects
  • Professional Learning - Leadership
  • Pupil Voice Coordinator
  • Alumni Association (Link)
  • School Service
  • Social Space (BGE/SP)
  • Principal Teacher Pastoral - Eden House (S1 & S5)

Can you please tell us how your interest in your subject area has translated into the world outside of school?

I enjoy visiting new areas around the world from cities to beautiful scenery.


Can you summarise what is it about your subject that you love?

The world that we live in is ever changing and this creates interesting topics for discussion – climate change, natural disasters. The natural world and environment is integral to our survival and learning about the different places and landscapes around the world opens up many doors for exploration.