Home Economics

Home Economics

The Aims of the Home Economics Department

Most importantly we want pupils to enjoy their time in the department during S1 &S2, and then choose to return for exam courses.

More specifically we aim:-

  • To encourage a positive attitude to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle which will in turn improve the health of the nation.
  • To develop skills which will enable them to look after themselves and others in the future.
  • To develop a knowledge of kitchen hygiene and food safety.
  • To instil safe working practices.
  • To develop an awareness of the many transferable skills acquired in Home Economics – these include creative, sensory and manipulative skills; practical, organisational and management skills; literacy and numeracy appropriate to age and stage.
  • To demonstrate the many links which Home Economics has with ALL other subjects on the curriculum.
  • To inform pupils about possible career opportunities through the different strands of Home Economics and encourage pupils to follow their interests.
  • To provide a welcoming department where pupils and staff feel comfortable during lessons, break and lunchtimes.
  • To provide courses which will meet the interests and abilities of all pupils at all stages.

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