Mathematics S3/S4 Course


Pupils will be following courses which aim to maximise their achievement in both Maths and Numeracy at National 5, National 4 or National 3. Work begins in S3 developing the skills needed at the appropriate level so the national qualifications can be completed by the end of S4.  
National 3 focuses on improving Numeracy, spatial awareness and data handling. Pupils who follow the course will also cover National 4 Numeracy and may achieve some of the units towards National 4 Maths.  
National 4 contains algebra, geometry, trigonometry and statistics.  Pupils that follow this course may also gain a Numeracy unit at National 5 level. 
National 5 extends what has been learned in National 4, especially in the areas of algebra and trigonometry. Successful completion of National 5 will be necessary to progress to Higher.


National 3:

There are three units: Numeracy; Managing Money and Data; and Shape, Space and Measures. There will be an assessment at the end of each of the units. A pass in each unit is necessary to complete the course. There is no final external assessment.

National 4

There are three units: Numeracy; Expressions and Formulae; and Relationships.  There will be an assessment at the end of each of the units. A pass in each unit is necessary. There will be no final external exam but the course is completed when pupils are successful in the “Added Value” test which serves as a final exam in National 4 Maths.

National 5

There are four units: Numeracy; Expressions and Formulae; Relationships; and Applications. Only Numeracy has a unit assessment that must be passed. At the end of each unit a prelim exam will be completed that will cover the topics completed so far. There will be a final external exam in May.


For National 4 and National 5, there will be a homework assignment following the completion of each learning outcome. Pupils may also be asked to do some work at home to help maintain the pace of their work in class.

Skills useful to the course

Pupils will need an appropriate level of numeracy for each course. Problem solving skills will also be required.

Value of the course

The aim of these courses is to help pupils to learn how to describe, tackle and ultimately solve problems which require the use of mathematical knowledge and techniques. We also aim to prepare our pupils for Mathematics at a higher level within the school, in higher and further education and also in the world of work.


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