Geography S1 to S3

Geography is the study of people and places. In S1-3 the aims are:

  • To give pupils an understanding of the landscape and environment, both on a local and a world wide scale.
  • To understand how people and places affect each other.
  • To understand change, problems and solutions in the environment.
  • To provide a foundation of both skills and knowledge for those continuing to study Geography at National level, Higher and beyond.

S1 Geography

  • Epic Journeys
  • Mapping
  • Scotland
  • Earth Forces

S2 Geography

  • Earth Forces
  • Hot and Cold Deserts and Climate Change
  • Coasts
  • People of the World

S3 Geography

  • Rainforests
  • Trade
  • Mapping
  • Water


Knowledge and understanding and skills are assessed by course work, homework and end of unit security tasks on key topics. Assessments are marked and pupil progress monitored through Learning Logs, reporting and partnership with parents.


Homework in Geography underpins and extends classroom learning. Homework reinforces the skills of self-learning and self-discipline, which are both crucial for success moving into Senior Phase. Homework will be issued regularly in Geography and each piece should take around 20 minutes to complete. We operate 100% homework policy therefore parents will be notified if homework is not completed.