Music Broad General Education


The aims of the Music Department are four fold :

  • to ensure that all children have an opportunity to create, perform and respond positively to music;
  • to provide the means whereby all pupils may develop an informed interest in music in whatever ways appeal to them, and to develop such skills and insights as are an intrinsic part in the full enjoyment of music;
  • to encourage all pupils, throughout the whole range of ability, to realise their musical potential;
  • to ensure all children should be given the opportunity to learn to read music as it arises naturally in the course of their work.

Course outline

The course is designed in S1and S2 to lead from a uni to a multi-instrumental approach, thus providing the basis for those pupils wishing to study music at Standard Grade in S3/4. The elements of the course are :

  • Performing: Keyboard, Voice, Guitar, Tuned Percussion, Recorder, Bass Guitar and Drumkit.
  • Listening: Instruments of the Orchestra and related materials found in the topics covered, for example – Disney, Popular, Scottish, Blues etc.
  • Inventing: Sound pictures, rhythmic ostinato, pentatonic scale, Blues chords and scale, song writing.


Pupils are not set regular homework, but that which is set can be worked without the need of a musical instrument.


The Music department fosters a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as recorder group, string orchestra, wind-band, senior and junior choirs, woodwind group, various instrumental ensembles and pop groups. We also produce concerts at Christmas and Easter and a major production at the end of the summer term. Musical excursions are provided for pupils to increase their awareness of live music.

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