Modern Studies in S1-S3

Studying Modern Studies from S1 onwards helps to create and develop informed active citizens who are able to understand their place in the world. The experiences undertaken will provide a solid foundation for continuing studies at National level, Higher, Advanced Higher and beyond.


  • An awareness of current affairs.
  • Using real world examples to enhance knowledge answers.
  • Skills work using sources of evidence.
  • The ability to communicate ideas and opinions including debating skills and the value of tolerance.
  • Research Skills

S1 Course

  • Immigration: Why do people move countries?
  • Prejudice: How do Prejudice views impact upon groups in Society?
  • Democracy: What is better Democracy or Dictatorship?

S2 Course

  • Child Soldiers: Who are Child Soldiers?
  • China: Does Communist China mean an equal society?
  • Poverty in the UK: Does Poverty exist in the UK?

S3 Course

  • Terrorism: Is Terrorism the biggest threat to world peace?
  • Democracy in the UK: Is the UK democratic?
  • Investigation Skills: Creating a Hypothesis and Aims, and undertaking research to come to a conclusion on the validity of your Hypothesis.
  • Introduction to Crime and the Law: Is Crime a modern day problem?


Knowledge and Understanding and Skills are assessed by course work, homework’s and end of unit security tasks on key topics. Assessments are marked and pupil progress monitored through Learning Logs, reporting and partnership with parents.


The Modern Studies Department aims to incorporate homework as an integral part of the programme of study. Homework materials are used to underpin and extend classroom learning.  Homework also supplements the formative assessment used with the department to determine the progress of pupils. We believe homework reinforces the skills of self-learning and self-discipline, vital to the nature of courses offered by the Department in the upper school. We operate a 100% homework policy and parents will be informed if tasks are not completed by students. We encourage parents to actively support and encourage pupils to complete homework.

Meet the Modern Studies Staff