History at National 4/5 Level


The course leads on naturally from the work done in S1-3. The course consists of three units:

Unit 1 – Changing Britain 1760-1914

Examining the social, economic and political developments that transformed life across Britain between 1760 and 1900.

Unit 2 – The Era of the Great War 1910-1928

The study of the experiences of Scots in The Great War and its impact on life in Scotland.

Unit 3 – Hitler and Nazi Germany 1919-1939

The study of the rise to power of Hitler and The Nazis and how it impacted on aspects of German life 1919-1939.

Added Value Unit: History Assignment

Learners will choose a topic for personal study drawn from Scottish, British or European and world contexts.  They will research their chosen topic and communicate their findings.

National 4 Assessment

To pass National 4 History candidates must pass all of the mandatory units and the added value unit mentioned above. There is no external exam for National 4 History.

National 5 Assessment

We will prepare for the exam with 2 assessments on each topic. External assessment will consist of an added value piece of research which will lead to an essay written up in exam conditions in 1 hour. This is out of 20 marks and makes up 20% of the overall award. Furthermore, students will undertake an 80 mark, 2 hour 20 minute exam paper testing knowledge and skills.


Extension of class based assignments and exam skills practise.  We aim to incorporate homework as an integral part of the programme of study. Homework materials are used to underpin and extend classroom learning. Homework also supplements the formative assessment used with the department to determine the progress of pupils. We believe homework reinforces the skills of self-learning and self-discipline, vital to the nature of courses offered by the Department in the upper school. We operate a 100% homework policy and parents will be informed if tasks are not completed by students. We encourage parents to actively support and encourage pupils to complete homework.

Entry Requirements to National 4

  • Completed the S3 Specialism in History
  • By negotiation with the department

Entry Requirements to National 5

  • National 4 History or National 4 in any other Humanities subject or English
  • By negotiation with the department

Value of the course

The National 4 and 5 courses will lead on to the study of Higher and Advanced Higher History in S5 and S6. History is regarded highly by colleges and universities because of the literacy and analytical skills required. Studying History can lead onto careers in law, teaching, journalism, and most business and office based environments.

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