Higher Drama


The content consists of three units :

  • Unit 1 : Investigative Drama (devise, perform and evaluate a piece of drama).
  • Unit 2 : Study of a Text in its Theatrical Context (explore, perform and evaluate a set text).
  • Unit 3 : Contemporary Scottish theatre (explore, perform and evaluate a number of texts).

External assessment

The external assessment consists of a written examination of two essays and one justification worth 20 marks each, total time 2½ hours, 60% of examination and an acting examination of two performances worth 40 marks, 40% of the examination.

Final grades for Drama courses are based solely on the external assessment.

Entry requirements

A pass at National 5 English or a pass at Higher English.

For students who have not previously studied Drama, their English grades will be the defining factor – National 5 C pass and above would be expected or a pass in Higher English will be expected.

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