Chemistry S3/S4 Course

Chemistry – National 4 & 5


Chemistry: Atoms, Acids and Alkalis

In this Unit, learners will build on detailed chemical concepts, utilising these in a variety of qualitative and quantitative analytical applications. The Unit develops skills and raises awareness of ethical and environmental issues in a local and international context, with learners gaining an understanding of how chemistry is involved in the cause, effect and resolution of these issues.

Chemistry: Nature’s Chemistry

In this Unit, learners will build on the understanding of a variety of natural resources and associated products to gain knowledge and develop skills. Learners can then apply these skills when considering the ethical and environmental implications of the application of chemical knowledge to fuelling and feeding a modern society.

Chemistry: Chemistry in Society

In this Unit, learners will be introduced to fundamental chemical concepts and apply skills in a variety of areas, such as the development and use of novel and new materials, including forms of energy generation.

Chemistry: Added Value Unit (National 4)

In this Unit, learners will draw on and extend the skills they have learned from across the other Units, and demonstrate the breadth of knowledge and skills acquired, in unfamiliar contexts and/or integrated ways.


  • To achieve the Chemistry (National 4) Course, learners must pass all of the required Units, including the Added Value Unit. National 4 Courses are not graded. 
  • To achieve the Chemistry (National 5) Course, learners must pass all of the required Units and the final exam.


Homework will be given on a regular basis to assist in learning. In addition, pupils are expected to prepare for end of topic tests and unit assessments. Pupils should spend approximately 40 minutes on homework each week.

Skills useful to the course

The main aims of this Course are for learners to:

  • acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of chemistry concepts
  • develop scientific and analytical thinking skills in a chemistry context
  • develop applied problem solving skills in a chemistry context
  • develop an understanding of chemistry’s role in scientific issues
  • develop understanding of how chemical products are formed and why they are formed
  • develop understanding of relevant applications of chemistry in society

Value of the course 

Through learning in Chemistry, learners develop their interest in and understanding of the world in an engaging and enjoyable way. They engage in a wide range of investigative tasks which, while fostering an enjoyment of Chemistry and learning, allow them to develop important skills to become creative, inventive and enterprising, in a world where the skills and knowledge developed in Chemistry are needed across all sectors of society.

S4 Chemistry

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