House System

Earlston High School's House System has been officially back up and running now for almost six years. Each school year provides the pupils and staff with more opportunities to earn points and compete for the House Championship Trophy.

There are five houses who all strive for these crucial points; Eden, Leader, Teviot, Turfford and Tweed. Each house is assigned a Guidance Teacher to lead and guide their pupils to success.

Pupils have the opportunity to earn points for their house in the classroom. They could be awarded points for handing in an excellent piece of homework or for consistently producing outstanding work (just two examples).

House Events run on most Thursday lunchtimes. These are run and organised by our very own House and Sports Captains. Some of the events include:

- Chess
- Sketch Challenge
- Fun Run
- Tug-of-War
- Quizes 
- Scrabble
- Obstacle Course
- Twister
- XBox Challenge

The 2016/17 session has seen a real increase in affiliation amongst pupils and their houses. We have seen over 100 pupils attend a number of these events since coming back to school after the Summer Holidays.

At Earlston High School, we encourage participation and recognise achievement. Pupils are awarded house points for taking part in the house events as well as extra points if they were to finish in a top three/five placing.

The House Championship is announced prior to the Easter holidays each year. This session will see the first, formal presentation morning where we will invite pupils and staff to the Assembly Hall for the official presentation of the House Trophy.

With plenty of time still to go, there is all to play for!